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MRF-Funded Biomarker Research

While other medical research non-profits simply fund discrete experiments initiated by individual academics, MRF operates differently in every way. To study EVs from all the major cell types in the brain, we have defined and implemented a comprehensive, coordinated, collaborative worldwide effort consisting of the best of the best – led by MRF.

Rigorous Approach to Ensure Success

MRF currently has 16 EV investigations underway to identify, collect and examine EVs. For each of these investigations, we have defined a multi-step collaboration model in which we:

  1. Develop the vision
  2. Define the individual experiments
  3. Identify the best scientists to execute each experiment
  4. Organize meetings for team members to share techniques
  5. Foster collaboration between the labs we fund
  6. Monitor progress to insure timely results

All of these steps represent a systematic and rigorous approach to ensure we accomplish our goals.

Power of MRF Collaboration Model

There is much power and value to MRF’s research collaboration model – we’re able to bring together and leverage the strength of each research partner. For example, the various labs we fund share samples from patients who represent specific MS disease types (e.g., progressive MS, smoldering MS, etc.) and each focuses on their specific area of EV expertise.

In this way, MRF connects research efforts and facilitates:

  • Sharing scientific techniques
  • Sharing expertise
  • Sharing results
  • Input from pharmaceutical companies
  • Biochemistry rigor
  • Brainstorming
  • Using well curated samples
  • Analyzing the same samples across multiple labs

No other organization is bringing together this level of research collaboration for myelin repair.

The MRF Research Roadmap

When we started funding EV research several years ago, we quickly realized the large number of inherent variables required us to carefully map out a methodical approach. Our MRF EV Analysis Roadmap is a visual summary of the EV experiments we are currently funding.

This spreadsheet conveys the depth, breadth and completeness of our methodical effort. The columns show the variety of attributes we are studying:

  • By brain cell type
  • Where we obtain the EVs
  • The type of EV we are examining
  • The components “cargo” the EVs carry, that we are analyzing
  • The type of MS the EVs are coming from
  • And by whom and where the experiment is being conducted

MRF EV Analysis Roadmap

We have created a comprehensive biomarker research roadmap.

With this roadmap of MRF-funded research, we believe we are well on the way to identifying new biomarkers that can accelerate MS treatments.

Focus on Biomarkers

The Myelin Repair Foundation is identifying biomarkers to help accelerate myelin repair treatments.