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The Myelin Repair Foundation's Accelerated Research CollaborationTM Model is viewed as an attractive approach by a broad range of individuals and organizations who believe that the best outcome for medical research is the rapid development of patient treatments. We are pleased to share the thoughts of many of these individuals here.

Business Leaders

“Breaking down barriers between academic research and commercial drug development will be the centerpiece of the Myelin Repair Foundation's legacy.”

William K. Bowes. Jr., Founder
Amgen and U.S. Venture Partners

“Although hundreds of thousands of scholarly scientific articles are published every year, the FDA approves less than two-dozen new drugs a year. What's missing is the translation of all that cutting-edge science into cutting-edge cures. That's where the Myelin Repair Foundation comes in.”

Scott Cook, Co-Founder

“As an entrepreneur, I am drawn to new ideas that have the potential to change a market. I am inspired by the Myelin Repair Foundation's business model and advanced medical research concepts. Myelin Repair Foundation is a non-profit, but it breaks every rule and barrier to the speed of a start-up with the agility of a successful business.”

Samantha Fein, Managing Director

“Innovation is a decidedly social process encompassing diverse individuals, corporations, communities, networks, and regions. The work of the Myelin Repair Foundation is an excellent demonstration of these principles.”

John Hagel, Co-Chair
Deloitte LLC, Center for Edge Innovation

“Collaborative innovation – bringing together people from different disciplines, with complementary skills – is a powerful strategy for solving complex problems. The Myelin Repair Foundation's model of collaboration in drug discovery provides important lessons for the pharmaceutical industry, which faces a crisis of innovation in developing treatments for complex diseases.”

Karim R. Lakhani
Harvard Business School

“Not enough progress has been made, fast enough, toward effective treatments for MS. I am involved with the Myelin Repair Foundation because I really believe in the methodology:  Getting the best people together to solve a really tough problem – myelin repair – collaboratively. I truly believe that the Myelin Repair Foundation offers real hope.”

Julie Wainwright, Founder and CEO

“I support the Myelin Repair Foundation for two reasons. Personally, I have a connection to MS: My husband has MS. But even beyond that, the vision of Myelin Repair Foundation and the method that they are proving out to get drugs to people faster is a really big vision that is important for a lot of unmet medical needs and it is exciting to be a part of it.”

Sharon Wienbar, Managing Partner
Scale Venture Partners

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry Leaders

“Disease foundations play an important role in funding early stages of research when other research and investment dollars are scarce. I am impressed by what the Myelin Repair Foundation is doing to encourage collaboration. Myelin Repair Foundation's model is novel and spot-on in terms of moving innovative research forward.”

Gail Maderis, President and CEO
BayBio: Northern California's Life Science Association

“Working with Myelin Repair Foundation is an unmistakable path for me to bring effective therapeutics – and new hope – for all patients in need.”

Beatrice Perotti, Ph.D., M.B.A., President and CEO
Beatrice Perotti, Inc.

“Unlike a lot of other organizations, the Myelin Repair Foundation really understands the intersection between academia and pharma. And if you're going to make a difference in MS, myelin repair is where you're going to have to put your efforts. We are putting efforts there.”

Craig Sorensen, Vice President
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

“Not enough progress has been made, fast enough, toward effective treatments for MS. I am involved with the Myelin Repair Foundation because I really believe in the methodology: Getting the best people together to solve a really tough problem—myelin repair—collaboratively. I truly believe that the Myelin Repair Foundation offers real hope.”

Ted Yednock, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Research
Elan Pharmaceuticals

Foundation and Non-Profit Leaders

“There are many foundations funding research on different diseases, but fewer that are investing in the infrastructure to manage that research more effectively.”

Nancy Barrand, Special Advisor for Program Development
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“Through our funding, we look for ways to make medical research more relevant to health improvement. Myelin Repair Foundation's leadership in transforming the research paradigm is very compelling to us.”

Lynne Garner, Trustee & President
Donaghue Foundation

“The Myelin Repair Foundation's model—which brings together researchers and works to ensure that their work is relevant to development of patient treatments—is a critical innovation at a time when our system of drug development is looking for new ideas.”

Elliot Gerson, Aspen Institute and Rhodes Trust

“We view the Myelin Repair Foundation's Accelerated Research Collaboration model as just that, a transformative idea with the potential to pioneer a new approach to medical research that can speed the discovery process and lead to the development of new treatments.”

Carl Schramm, President and CEO
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Scientific Advisors

“I believe the most striking accomplishment has been the success of the model. The thought that one could get several excellent basic scientists to work in a united effort with a clinical target in mind is really impressive... Not only has the group worked together, but there are now products of this effort. Very impressive!”

Henry F. McFarland, M.D. (retired), Chief of Immunology Branch
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health

“The Myelin Repair Foundation has identified the best labs in a defined area and brought them together with excellent and independent minds from the pharmaceutical industry to advance the most promising ideas for novel therapeutics.”

Martin Raff, M.D., Emeritus Professor
University College London
Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

Academic Scientists

“If you just leave it to basic scientists working alone in their own labs, converting basic scientific discoveries into drugs almost never happens. Without the ARC model there is no infrastructure for accelerating drug development.”

Ben Barres, M.D., Ph.D.
Stanford University School of Medicine
Chair, Neurobiology Department
Professor of Neurobiology, Developmental Biology and Neurology

“It's exciting that Myelin Repair Foundation's collaborative model is allowing us to develop new therapeutic approaches, and also to rapidly position those approaches for clinical application. Myelin Repair Foundation's unique model allows the collaborating scientists to gain valuable insights from advisors with experience in basic science, the pharmaceutical industry and clinical development of drugs. Working with Myelin Repair Foundation's collaborative model has provided much greater opportunities—potentially—to treat multiple sclerosis than would ever have been available without it.”

Robert H. Miller, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University
Vice Dean for Research, School of Medicine
Director, Center for Translational Neuroscience
Allen C. Holmes Professor of Neurological Diseases, Department of Neurosciences

“For a number of years, I worked just across town from Brian Popko at the University of Chicago. Because I am an immunologist and he is a neurobiologist, there was no reason for us to know each other or the nature of each other's work. Because truly understanding myelin repair in the context of multiple sclerosis can't happen without both areas of expertise, collaborating with Myelin Repair Foundation has put us on the same playing field. Collaborations with Brian and the other investigators have helped advance my work to a new level—a level that I believe could generate a real myelin repair treatment for patients.”

Stephen D. Miller, Ph.D.
Northwestern University
Judy Guggenheim Research Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Professor, Microbiology-Immunology
Director, Interdepartmental Immunobiology Center

“Myelin Repair Foundation's collaborative model is brilliant. It is definitely accelerating results. The scientists have made important advances that, if the labs had been working, on their own, would have been much less likely.”

Brian Popko, Ph.D.
University of Chicago
Jack Miller Professor of Neurological Diseases
Director, Jack Miller Center for Peripheral Neuropathy
Associate Chair for Research, Department of Neurology

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