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Translational Medicine Platform

Turning Basic Research into Better Patient Treatments

ARC Model Clinical Development Discovery Biology

The Myelin Repair Foundation is changing the world of medical research, starting with developing a myelin repair therapeutic for multiple sclerosis (MS) faster than the status quo.

In order to drive its basic research and translate it into faster, more successful treatments for patients, the Myelin Repair Foundation has launched its Translational Medicine Platform (TMP). This platform is essential for developing a successful myelin repair treatment for MS, and will help revolutionize the entire world of medical research.

Translational medicine ensures discoveries move rapidly out of the lab and into the hands of patients in need, instead of lost in a black hole of scientific research called the Valley of Death.

Watch our video to see how the black hole of scientific research called the Valley of Death is preventing treatments from getting into the hands of patients, and why the Myelin Repair Foundation is working around the clock to fix this.

The Myelin Repair Foundation Translational Medicine Center (TMC)

To further advance myelin repair discoveries forward toward commercial development, the Myelin Repair Foundation recognized the importance of establishing a first-rate laboratory facility to support Myelin Repair Foundation's Translational Medicine Platform. Launched in the final quarter of 2011, the Myelin Repair Foundation’s Translational Medicine Center (TMC) is dedicated to the acceleration of the drug discovery process for new multiple sclerosis treatments. The Translational Medicine Center evaluates the most promising myelin research to transform basic scientific research into novel MS therapeutics.

By building upon the biological assays originally developed in Myelin Repair Foundation’s core academic labs, TMC will further optimize and share the myelination assays with Myelin Repair Foundation’s academic core labs and other biopharma company partners to accelerate MS drug discoveries. This state-of-the-art laboratory facility offers a rigorous, industry-leading translational medicine platform, led by Myelin Repair Foundation personnel with over four decades of extensive biopharma experience moving therapeutic compounds into clinical trials. The focus of the Myelin Repair Foundation Translation Medicine Center is the advancement of a wide range of novel myelin reparative therapeutics toward commercialization to benefit MS patients.

Learn more about our translational medicine platform as it relates specifically to our myelin repair research.

Our Translational Medicine Platform Progress

Myelin Repair Foundation Grants License for Novel Mouse Model to Biogen Idec

The Myelin Repair Foundation and ENDECE Neural Form Collaboration to Develop Myelin Regenerative Compounds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment

Myelin Repair Foundation Launches the New MRF Translational Medicine Center

What Others are Saying

“If you just leave it to basic scientists working alone in their own labs, converting basic scientific discoveries into drugs almost never happens. Without the ARC model, there is no infrastructure for accelerating drug development.”

Ben Barres
Chair, Neurobiology Department
Professor of Neurobiology, Developmental Biology and Neurology
Stanford University School of Medicine


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