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Discovery Biology

ARC Model Clinical Development Translational Medicine Platform

When the Myelin Repair Foundation was established in 2004, there was very little known about the science of myelin repair. In order to build a solid scientific foundation of science to advance through the Myelin Repair Foundation’s research plan for a myelin repair therapeutic, we invested and funded top scientists to fund myelin research.

For Patients, the depth and breadth of these discoveries provides multiple potential targets against which therapies may be developed and demonstrated.

For Pharma, our position as sole licensee for these high-quality discoveries provides the necessary assurances that pharma partners need to commercialize as many of these discoveries as possible.

Watch this video showing myelin repair occurring in a petri dish in MRF Principal Investigator Dr. Ben Barres' lab at Stanford University.

Learn more about our discovery biology in the area of myelin repair.

Our Discovery Biology Progress

Nature Biotechnology Study Highlights New Myelin Specific Approach to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Nature Neuroscience Study Shows Unique Scientific Support for Potential New Myelin Repair Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

The Myelin Repair Foundation Welcomes University of California, San Francisco’s Dr. Jonah Chan to its Research Consortium

Mice Stem Cells Guided Into Myelinating Cells by the Trillions

Myelin Repair Foundation Identifies 40+ Possible Repurposing Opportunities for Next Generation Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

What Others are Saying

“The Myelin Repair Foundation's support and unique research approach which facilitates collaboration with other leading neuroscientists supported by the MRF has sped up the research process to where we are today, moving an MS therapeutic closer to the patient.”

Dr. Stephen Miller
MRF Principal Investigator and Northwestern University's Microbiology-Immunology Professor at the Feinberg School


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Your support will help us deliver a first-in-class myelin repair treatment to multiple sclerosis patients as rapidly as possible. Donations at all levels are critical to achieving this mission.

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