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“By providing incentives for collaboration, the Myelin Repair Foundation model is pointing the way to a new team-based research model that brings treatments from the bench to the patient much faster.” —Martin Raff, M.D., Leading Researcher in Developmental Neurology Professor of Biology, University College London

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Since the Myelin Repair Foundation began its research program in 2004, the organization has gained increasing attention and interest from a broad array of individuals, organizations and the media, both for its achievements in myelin repair research and for the potential of its Accelerated Research Collaboration™ model to change the way all medical research is done.

Myelin Repair Foundation President and Founder Scott Johnson has been a guest speaker at industry conferences and forums where the ARC model has been showcased for its best business practices. In 2010, he was recognized as a Northern California Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2011, the Myelin Repair Foundation was the only non-profit organization named among the top ten biotech companies by Fast Company magazine.

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Video Interviews and Talks

Hear Myelin Repair Foundation CEO Scott Johnson talk about how we're accelerating research for myelin repair therapeutic drugs for multiple sclerosis.

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