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Myelin Repair: Partnerships & Licensing

Protecting the intellectual property developed in our funded laboratories is a critical element of our partnership programs. We believe that such protection will afford greater opportunity for industry partnerships with commercial biotech and pharmaceutical companies interested in developing our discoveries. These partnerships will be necessary to conduct clinical trials and bring a myelin repair treatment to market.

Representatives of biotech or pharmaceutical companies interested in partnerships for developing discoveries made through our funded research should contact us at (408) 871-2410 or email

RFPs: The Myelin Repair Foundation does not issue requests for proposals for scientific research or review inquiries from contract research organizations. Instead, we identify specific research questions or needs in our research plan and the individuals or organizations with the expertise required to conduct the relevant studies. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to unsolicited inquiries of this kind.


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Your support will help us deliver a first-in-class myelin repair treatment to multiple sclerosis patients as rapidly as possible. Donations at all levels are critical to achieving this mission.

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